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Bolo Toss Game

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Bolo Toss Game

Bolo Toss is ideal for backyard parties, tailgating, the beach, camping and any other group event.

Players fling bolos at target from 15 feet away. Players can also toss from all 4 sides for "Head-to-Head" action or can play an "Around the World" game rotating tossing sides each round. Points are awarded for bolos wrapping around the poles with more points for wraps on higher poles and double points for those wrapping at an X crossing.

Two other games include "Dropping Bolos" and "Skee Bolos" which use the colorful mat at the base of the tower. First to 21 Points Wins!


  • All-Weather, Super Durable Nylon and Fiberglass
  • Super Collapsible; breaks down into just 6 connected pieces for quick setup and no worry about losing parts


  • 1: 3-D Bolo tower with dropping Bolos target mat
  • 8: Safe Rubber Bolos of 2 Colors
  • 1: Carrying bag
  • 1: Game rules