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Docktails Shatterproof Insulated Wine Cup With Lid - White

At Morsel Munk, you know we love to have fun and grow young. But we do take our wine cups seriously. By serious we mean shatterproof, with a lid (keep the bugs out and the wine in), and generous portions (12 ounces).

Buy one for yourself. And one for every BFF so you don't drink alone. Cheers to Docktails!

Do we know how long this cup keeps your wine cool or holds ice? Nope. Our docktails don't last long enough to test that out. If you're a slow drinker, feel free to let us know.


  • Insulated double wall stainless steel
  • Shatterproof
  • Includes the lid (note that the lid has a small opening; in other words, it's not fully leak proof)
  • Holds 12 ounces
  • Hand wash
  • Color: White

Helpful hint:
 also works great for espresso martinis, seltzers, and all sorts of other drinks.

Made in China.