Enjoying docktails at Knapp's Landing Restaurant in Stratford, CT

Knapp's Landing Restaurant - Stratford CT

For us, lots of factors determine how much we enjoy a docktails establishment. Notice we didn't say "whether or not we enjoy an establishment". For the most part, we generally enjoy ourselves. It takes extreme circumstances to not do so, and that's only happened a couple of times in our lives. For real.

Drink and food choices are important to us, and so are the views. But equally or more important is the vibe, and the team of people that work so hard to serve us and so many others.

Thursday night, July 18th, we set out to enjoy a waterfront pub in Stratford, CT on our date night. From what we could tell, they have a fabulous patio on the water - where the Housatonic River meets Long Island Sound.

We had no sooner hopped in our car to Knapp's Landing Restaurant, than the torrential rains came. We thought about changing plans, but figured - what the heck, we'd check it out anyway.

We had the most fabulous time. Other guests and the service team brought the sunshine and shut out the torrential rain. Honestly, if it had been the perfect sunny night, we probably wouldn't have had the chance to interact with the team because they would have been fortunately mobbed with guests. But we'll experience that another time. Instead, we made the best of it. As you can see from the pictures, our bendy emojis had a blast, as did we!

Cheers, Brigitte & Scott

Docktails at Knapp's Landing Restaurant in Stratford CT - fun was had by all

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