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Morsel Munk Word Stump Puzzles

Keep your brain young with a series of powerful and fun word puzzles. This book is filled with challenging word puzzle games to keep your brain working no matter your age. Just because you've grown up doesn't mean your brain has to grow old. With our award-winning series of brain puzzles, you can exercise your brain to start thinking outside the nutshell.

What exactly is Morsel Munk Word Stump (ISBN: 978-0-615-22730-6)? Morsel Munk Word Stump is a brainteaser - a fusion of fun, imagination, and exercise for your mind. It's where word association, synonyms and antonyms meet crosswords and word searches.

Maddening and frustrating? So we've been told. YES! That's success.

Here's an example: Break down the word "Sunday" into two words - "sun" and "day". What's the opposite of "sun"? Moon. What's the opposite of "day"? Night. The puzzle clue for "Sunday" is "moon-night". That's a simple one. They only get harder.

Don't believe us?
The Morsel Munk Word Stump clue is "erode-home". What's the real word?